Amanah Financing Products

Islamic Finance encourages business and trade activities that generate fair and legitimate profit. These business transactions are accompanied by an underlying Shari’ah compliant contracts that adhere to Shari’ah principles and guidelines.
At National Amanah we offer:

  • Asset Financing,
  • Working capital Financing,
  • Construction financing,
  • Trade Financing,
  • Shari’ah compliant mortgage financing and many more.

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Amanah Working Capital
A convenient account that provides you with funds, that are required for day-to-day running of your business.


  • For business working capital needs
  • Competitive profit rates
  • Quick turnaround time on applications


National Bank Amanah
National Bank Amanah provides a variety of unique banking, saving and investment solutions for retail, SME and corporate clients in compliance with Islamic Shari’ah.

List of Requirements

  • Copy of National ID/ Passport/Alien certificate
  • One Passport size photograph taken at our branch
  • Introduction letter
  • Copy of utility bill
  • Proof of residence