Shari’ah Supervisory Board (SSB)

Here is a brief commentary of the Shari’ah Supervisory Board of National Amanah.

Sheikh Hammad Mohamed Kassim
He holds a B.Ed degree from King University, Riyadh and M.A. degree in Islamic shariah law from Ibadan University, Nigeria. Sheikh Kassim previously held the position of Chief Kadhi of the Republic of Kenya, in which position he led the Kadhi Courts in the country. He has been at the forefront of delivering justice in Islamic Personal law in Kenya’s Judiciary and is highly respected in the Muslim Community in the East Africa Region. He also authored a number of books including ‘Tolerance in Islam’ and ‘Priorities and Alternatives in Islam’. Sheikh Kassim is currently Director of Sharia Family Resources Centre.
Cell: +254 (0) 722 771 806
+254 (0) 734 768 963

Prof Mohamed Salim Badamana
He holds PhD and Msc from University of Reading in UK and is currently Chairman of the Department of Animal Production University of Nairobi. Prof Badamana has previously taught Islamic Law in University of Nairobi Department of Philosophy and Religious Education. He is an accomplished author of Islamic books and numerous papers on Islamic topics and runs Islamic Programs on KBC station. He has been Director of World Assembly of Muslim Youth East Africa. He sits on the Shariah Advisory Board of Kenya Re-Takaful and Gulf African Bank
Cell: +254 (0) 722 726 609

Sheikh Abdullahi Yussuf Ali
Holds a Master of Arts in Shariah degree from the Islamic University in Uganda (a branch of the International Islamic Universities set up by the Organization of Islamic Conference – the umbrella organization of Islamic Countries). He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Khartoum University, Faculty of Shariah.
In both Universities he has specialized in all aspects of Shariah Law including Islamic Jurisprudence and Company Law. He has also trained in local madarasah and traditional centres of Islamic learning. He lectures on Islamic religion on local radios and local and international conferences. He also teaches in local mosques and seminars.
Cell: +254 (0) 721 262 640
+254 (0) 731 262 640

Sheikh Adan Yunis Sheikh Ibrahim
He holds PhD in Islamic Shariah from the High Institute of Judiciary, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Masters Degree in Islamic Shariah from the same institution. He first graduated in Islamic shariah from Soud Islamic University in 2002.He is a Member of Religious Affairs at Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims.
Cell: +254 (0) 708 888 895