SME – Biasharasure Insurance Policy

This is a policy cover designed for SME businesses. The covers that can be taken in this policy include;

Comprehensive Fire

This covers the following:

  • Buildings
  • Rent Receivables
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings
  • Stock in trade
  • Plant Machinery & equipment

Increased cost of working

Theft –

It has the optional limits as follows:

  1. Up to 10% of Declared Value at a rate of 0.25% of TSI
  2. Greater than 10% but up to 25% at a rate of 0.35% of TSI
  3. Greater than 25% but up to 50% at a rate of 0.60% of TSI

All Risks – Items above Ksh. 15,000

MONEY in the following categories

  • In specified premises
  • In transit
  • In locked safe
  • With authorized staff
  • With directors

Limit any one claim/year – Max. Ksh. 500,000