National Bank was incorporated on 19th June 1968 and officially opened on Thursday November 14th 1968. At the time it was fully owned by the Government. The objective for which it was formed was to help Kenyans get access to credit and control their economy after independence.

In 1994, the Government reduced its shareholding by 32% (40 Million Shares) to members of the public. Again in May 1996, it further reduced its Shareholding by 40 million Shares to the public.
The current Shareholding now stands at National Social Security Fund (NSSF) 48.06%, General Public – 29.44% and Kenya Government 22.5%. During the 34th AGM held on 25th April 2003 the bank increased its Share Capital by Kshs. 6 Billion i.e. from Kshs. 3 Billion to Kshs. 9 billion through the creation of 1,200,000,000 non-cumulative preference Shares of Kshs. 5 each. These Shares are at the disposal of the National Bank Board who will offer them in accordance with the Bank’s articles, the CMA rules and the Companies Act.

National Bank is a major player in Kenya’s banking industry. It is one of the largest banks in the country giving financial services to all sectors of the economy. The bank will continue to cover the financial landscape and respond positively to the needs of its customers, shareholders and the economy besides offering traditional financial services and products. National Bank has taken a leading role in the issuance and promotion of modern delivery and payment systems. The Bank has also been involved in the stock market playing multiple roles as an arranger, underwriter and placing agent. The Bank is an appointed fiscal agent, registrar and market-maker in the secondary market. National Bank operates one subsidiary Company; NatBank Trustee and Investment Services Limited incorporated in Kenya on 21st July 1995 with a Share Capital of Ksh.10 Million.

On 24th May 2013, the bank rebranded and changed its logo and colours from the predominately green to yellow. The new slogan is “Bank on Better.” This is a brand promise to customers, shareholders as well as stakeholders.