National Amanah

National Amanah, the Islamic banking window of National Bank, offers shariah compliant banking to its customers. The bank first introduced Al-mumin, in 2009 which was rebranded in April 2013 to National Amanah to offer a wider range of banking products and services that are Shariah compliant. National Amanah adheres to the guidance of Shari’ah Supervisory Board with respect to all matters relating to the interpretation and application of Shari’ah to the Accounts and Investments.

National Bank Amanah provides a variety of unique banking, saving and investment solutions for retail, SME and corporate clients in compliance with Islamic Shari’ah.

List of Requirements

  • Copy of National ID/ Passport/Alien certificate
  • One Passport size photograph taken at our branch
  • Introduction letter
  • Copy of utility bill
  • Proof of residence