Payroll processing Services

Payroll processing is electronically done in order to improve efficiency and reconciliation of staff salaries to other commercial banks, non-commercial financial institutions and SACCOs countrywide.


  • Reduced time spent in writing and signing numerous Cheques to Banks and Branches Countrywide.
  • Reduced cost in dispatching or mailing Payrolls and Cheques Countrywide.
  • Payroll confidentiality is maintained.
  • Reduced time spent in reconciling accounts.
  • Manage fees related to payroll disbursement.

National Bank is fully committed to its products and offers highly experienced staff for the planning, analysis, installation, implementation and support of its solutions. We are therefore confident of meeting the requirements of corporate customers in regard to electronic payment service.

The benefits of NBK’s electronic payment services include:

  • Better management of cash flows and payables,
  • Reduced time wastage on payment enquiries,
  • Assured adherence to credit terms, reduced costs of cheque issuance, mailing and reconciliations.
  • Maintenance of confidentiality and minimized chances for frauds associated with manual processing and interventions