Treasury services

Equipped with efficient and innovative professionals, we’re committed to making businesses better through managing risks and being well prepared for regulatory market changes.

You can opt for:

Forward transactions
This is a commitment to buy or sell a specific amount of currency a  a fixed exchange rate on a future date.

Spot transactions
This allows buying and selling a specific amount of foreign currency at a specified exchange rate, for settlement in a given number of working days Benefits

  • Helps to manage your risk in currency and interest rates.
  • Provides solutions to reduce volatility of earnings, protect benchmarks and other selective strategies that are consistent with your objective, while balancing a trade off between risk and reward.

Some of our products include:

  • Strategic and countrywide outlets for competitive foreign currency trade in telegraphic transfers, drafts and bank notes.
  • Real time gross settlement transfers at competitive charges.
  • Spot trades in major currencies against the Kenyan shilling.
  • Fixed term deposits on major currencies at highly competitive rates.
  • Cross currency trading in international markets.