a). Auto Sweep

This feature will enable our corporate customers to maximize both the current credit and debit positions so that the corporation receives the most benefit from those positions.
National Bank’s corporate customers will maintain enough money in a current account to cover working capital requirements, with all excess funds moved to an interest earning account in order to generate some interest income from the balance using the Auto Sweep solution provided by us.

b).Fixed Deposits
Irrespective of whether our corporate customer needs are short-term or long-term, National Bank of Kenya will enable its customers to maximise their savings and can also offer a good return on investment through the various deposit plans it has tailor made for them.

Some of the fixed deposit solutions offered are:
1. Short Term-This is ideal for those of our corporate customers considering a transitory deposit during their business ventures. The short period agreed upon helps in fast liquidity in addition to good interest rates offered
2. Term Deposits-This is ideal for long term investments. Our corporate customers are guaranteed secure money that earns good returns and can be easily liquidated.

c).Call Deposits
This is an investment product option offered by National Bank of Kenya that enables our corporate customer to have an interest bearing investment account that allows them to withdraw money from the account without having to incur a penalty for the same.
National Bank call deposit accounts have a minimum balance requirement which must be maintained in order to take full advantage of the benefits that come with it.

d).Reporting Solutions.
Reporting is a key function of every company and we provide a number of options customized to fit your requirements. National Bank of Kenya will develop appropriate reporting solutions tailor made to each of its corporate clients to ensure that they maximize on its full benefits.