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At National Bank, we partner with you in your efforts to own a home in Kenya. Working with our various partners in the real estate market, we will work to give you options on different properties available in the market. The available financing options are:


Outright purchase

Kenyans abroad can get financing to purchase developed property in Kenya. This for personal customers is limited to residential property.


Plot Purchase

Kenyans abroad can purchase plots for development with financing from National Bank.


Equity Release

Customers can use a property that they own in Kenya as collateral to access funds for other local investments (Within Kenya).


National Bank Diaspora Customers in London can now buy an acre at Karen Hills signature homes and get a free swimming pool through the National Bank Home Solutions.

View http://www.Karenhills.co.ke
for more details

Eligibility Criteria:

  • One must be Kenyan
  • One must be gainfully employed in their resident country.
  • One must demonstrate the ability to repay.


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