In line with National Bank mission statement of meeting the changing needs of our customers, Diaspora Banking aims to understand your needs and provide products and services to assist you to create and manage your wealth.

National Bank has rolled out the Diaspora banking service designed for you, a Kenyan living, working or studying abroad! We recognize that, you are special with unique financial needs that include banking in multiple currencies and having the desire to invest and create a financial base back home through convenient and reputable channels. By virtue of being abroad, we acknowledge that you require tailor made banking facilities, designed around your unique needs, delivered effortlessly with service above the ordinary.
Savings accounts
   1. Fixed accounts
   2. Ahadi savings account
   3. Insurance Embedded savings account
Current Accounts:
   1. Premium Current account
   2. Personal Current account

Transactional Account
   1. Wekeza Account

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