Diaspora Agent Banking

National Bank is in the process of recruiting a network of partners to work closely with the bank from the Diaspora to serve our customers with the same efficiency, security and courtesy that they would enjoy if they were to be served in any of our branches.

How to Become a National Bank Diaspora Agent

We have put in place a selection process that requires you to have the following to qualify as a National Bank Agent.

  • An existing business which has been operating in the same premises for a minimum of one years prior to the application.
  • Valid business permits.
  • A strategic business location that is  visible, accessible and secure
  • A good reputation and high moral standing for both the business and the business owner.
  •  Demonstrate ability and access to a wide target market.

Required documents for Diaspora Agent

  1.  Agency Banking application duly completed and signed by the business owner
  2. Copies of National ID of the business owner
  3. Copies of PIN certificate of business owner
  4. Two passport size photos for the Applicant
  5. Certificate of good conduct of business owner
  6. CV of the Applicant indicating educational qualifications, business and work experience of business owner
  7. Copies of Certificates of incorporation/ registration/Articles & Memo of Association (where applicable)
  8. Copies of Valid business permit or license from any lawful commercial activity
  9. Board resolution (where applicable)
  10. A brief description of the nature of commercial activity
  11. Bank and Loan statements from any financial institutions for the past 12 months
  12. Audited financial records for the past two years (where applicable)
  13. Credit Reference Bureau report
  14. 2 referees( not relatives) of good standing from locality
  15. Three colored photos of the business premises showing the interior and exterior
  16. Sketch map of business
  17. Hours of business indicated

If interested, kindly send us an email attaching all the listed required documents to diasporabanking@nationalbank.co.ke.