Claim for Motor Insurance

How do I claim for my motor insurance?

8 steps to filing Motor insurance claim
Step 1 (at the accident scene): Call for ambulance services if someone has a life-threatening injury. If there’s no emergency, call the police directly. Remember, you need that police report. The police will take details of the accident and if there is no injury the vehicles will be released but if the accident involves injuries the vehicle(s) will be towed to a police station for inspection and then released to the owner(s). Once the police are through the vehicle will be towed to one of the insurer’s recommended garages. A police abstract Report form will be issued when the vehicle has been removed from the police station.
Step 2: Exchange license plate numbers, contact information and auto insurance information with the other parties involved.
Step 3: Look for witnesses who will be willing to tell what they saw and get their contact information as well. If you are unable to gather information at the scene, the police report can be a back-up source of information on the other parties involved and witnesses.
Step 4 : Notify NBK Insurance Agency or the insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance policy number (on your insurance sticker) is your reference number. This will be followed by completion of the claim form at the NBK Insurance Agency offices or insurance company which ever is convenient.
Whoever takes your claim should walk you through the process of filling the claims forms and providing the necessary documents.
Step 5: Once the claim form is completed and handed to Banc assurance or Insurer an assessor will be appointed by the insurer to assess the damage to your vehicle and provide an estimate of how much it will cost to repair. Then, the insurance company will cut?? a check in the amount of the repair, minus any collision deductible amount.
Step 6: The assessor will determine whether the vehicle is repairable or writeoff (Total Loss). If the vehicle is repairable the assessor will give authority to the garage to commence repairs. In case it is a write off, the the insurer will issue a total loss discharge voucher to be signed by the client and Financier if any and the amount paid.
Step 7: In the event of repair, the insured will be requested to pay the applicable policy excess to the insurer through Banc assurance once the vehicle is ready for collection. The insurer on being notified of the payment will issue a release letter to the garage for the vehicle to be released.
Step 8: Where the vehicle is a write off the insured will be requested to provide the following before payment is processed;
1. Original logbook
2. Blank transfer forms signed but not dated
3. Car Keys, duplicate certificate of insurance,
4. Spare wheel and tool box
The salvage vehicle becomes the property of the insurer once vehicle is declared a total loss and the claim cheque is received..

Theft Of vehicle claim.
Where the loss involve theft of a motor vehicle, please urgently report to the nearest police station, notify Banc assurance or insurer directly and complete the motor theft claim form. Banc assurance will then take up the claim processing.