Personal Solutions

Motor insurance
Motor insurance (also known as vehicle / car / auto insurance) is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, and other road vehicles. It provides protection against loss of or damage to the vehicle through accident or theft as determined in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Third Party or Comprehensive Insurance?
When it comes to insuring one’s car, the question most customers ask is why they should take comprehensive insurance when they can take third party insurance.
Whereas this is a truly personal matter, much of it depends on the value one places on their vehicle. For a lot of people, their vehicle is a highly valued possession, whereas for others it is a means of getting from point A to Point B. Whatever the case, a vehicle owner requires peace of mind that should the unavoidable happen, the insurance policy will come in to cover the risk.

Home insurance
Many of us only realize the value we place on our homes when we can no longer use what we are used to, due to loss.
Home insurance comes in to ensure that the structure and contents of your home are protected, should an insured event occur. Our products cover your buildings, contents, valuables ( such as jewellery, cell phones, etc), domestic servants and occupier liability.

Education policies
As a parent, you don’t need any reminding of how important it is to have sufficient resources to educate your children. For many of us, a good quality education is the best inheritance we can provide our children with. National Bancassurance provides you, the parent with a choice of endowment, unit linked and term education policies. Each education plan is customized based on the age of your child and the targeted school fees payment. Our policies are structured in such a way that you save on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis so that when your child is an institution of higher learning, school fees payments become more manageable.

Travel insurance
NBK Insurance Agency provides you, the traveler with 24 hour travel cover which caters for medical expenses and assistance , travel delay or flight cancellation, loss of passport, loss of baggage, loss of money,hijacking, and other benefits as will be stipulated by the policy.

Health Insurance
NBK Insurance Agency offers you an option of health covers that provide out-patient and in-patient benefits from hospitals around the country.

Annuities&Personal Pension Plans
We, at NBK Insurance Agency believe that retirement planning should form a key pillar of one’s personal financial planning. We provide you with competitive annuity options, together with long term personal pension planning programs.

Personal Accident
Our Personal Accident policies are designed to provide you with financial assistance in the event an accident leads to hospitalization, permanent and total disability, lost income or death.