Home Insurance

This is commonly referred to as domestic package policy. It provides cover to a residential house, its contents, owners and tenant’s liability and domestic servants. The policy has the following sections.

Buildings Section
Covers the building itself, fixtures & fittings, SQ, wall fence and the gate. Perils covered are fire, domestic explosion, earthquake, floods, storm, bursting and overflowing of water pipes and impact damage by vehicles and animals.

Contents Section
It covers loss of or destruction of furniture, household goods and personal effects.

All Risks Section
It covers portable items belonging to the insured. This includes laptops, jewelry, mobile phones.

Domestic Servants Section.
Covers domestic servants against death or injury disease arising out of and in the course of employment.
Premium Ksh.500/= per employee. Cover subject to WIBA limit.

Occupiers/Owners Liability.
Covers liability of the occupier or tenant of the building to third Parties . The policy provides free cover of up to Ksh.2M.

Documents required in the application of home insurance
  • Valuation report of the subject matter
  • Certificate of lease(if subject matter is under lease)
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of Title
  • Copy of PIN certificate


How to claim
The most common types of claims in Domestic package include.

Burglary Claims

  • Immediately report to the police and obtain a non-traceable certificate that the items are not found.
  • Notify insurer as early as possible.
  • The insurers will insist upon a letter of undertaking on a stamp paper of appropriate value – letter of Subrogation, for refunding the claim amount when the stolen property is recovered.
  • Obtain a final report from Police
  • Insured has to provide the surveyor complete book of accounts and bills substantiating the loss on the day of incidence.


Electronic Equipments

  • Immediate notification to the insurer.
  • Notice of claim and estimated cost of repairs should be filed with the insurers to arrange for inspection.
  • In case of partial losses, no depreciation is charged but when the items are not insured for its present day replacement value, the items are treated as underinsured and the claim amount is proportionately reduced. Depreciation is only applied for Total Loss claims.
  • If an appliance is partially damaged, it should be repaired (on approval from insurance company) before it is put to use, as otherwise further loss is not covered.