Shareholder Information

Who do I contact with a question about my shares?
What is immobilization?
Can I immobilize my shares without share certificates?
If you are the ones who pay dividends, why do you send us to brokers to change our details especially dividend pay point?
Why are the CDS accounts maintained by brokers and not the registrars?
Why can’t the registrars access CDS accounts?
Why can’t the registrar amend/edit static data for CDS accounts?
Who do we deal with in respect to the transfer of immobilized shares whether in respect to existing shareholders or private transfers from deceased shareholders to the next of kin?
How do I access recent prices for shares and securities?
How do I change the address on my share account?
How can a non-registered shareholder report lost or stolen certificates?
I have more than one account in the same company. How do I combine these into one account?
Can I have my dividends electronically deposited to my bank account?
How can I get a lost or missing dividend cheque replaced?
Who can buy National Bank shares?
Who sets the shares price?
If I bought the shares during the IPO, am I entitled to dividends??
Can one sell the shares in bits?
What are the charges for selling/buying the shares?
Can one buy the shares again after selling?
What is the expiry period for a shares sale /buying order?
Can one check the status of a CDSC account at National Bank if the account was not opened with National Bank?
What is the guarantee that I have shares and they are safe in the CDS account?
Can one change a broker?
What are the charges for transferring a CDS account from one broker to another?
Can one sell the shares if they are outside the country?
How secure are the shares in a CDS account?
Why should I buy National Bank Shares?
How can the shares help me grow my business?
As a shareholder, do I have any authority in the bank?
What is primary & secondary market?
Must I have/open a CDS account with National bank to buy the shares?
Can a group buy shares in its names or it has to be individuals?
What are the requirements for buying shares for a registered group/ company?
If we bought the shares as a group how will the bank ensure that the officials for the group don't sell the shares without the group members consent?
Once I buy the shares can I use them (shares) as security to get a loan from the bank?
How do I transfer shares from a deceased shareholder’s account into my names?
Who may invest?
What is Dematerialization?
What is a Dematerialized Security?
What is the impact of Dematerialization?
What does Dematerialization mean to the issuer (National Bank)?
What Do I need to do as a shareholder if I have already deposited all my shares in the CDS account?
What are the benefits of Dematerialization?
What happened to my shares after the 1st November 2013?
What if I want to access my shares which are held in trust?
How do I keep track of my shares?