Jenga Chama Loan

Jenga Chama addresses wealth acquisition and growth needs of investment groups while offering opportunities for financial growth to the individual members.

Target Market
Registered Chama (groups) of at least 3 members involved in common business venture.

• Up to 10 Million
• Period up to 48 months
• Low interest rate on reducing balance (Rate to be advised)

• Extended repayment period
• Flexible financing requirements
• Legal support for company registration
• Capacity building for groups through bank organized investment forums

• At least 3 members having existed for a minimum of 12 months
• Must have joint business venture
• 6 months account operation
• Must register or convert into a company to borrow
• Provide more than 20% contribution of loan required.

Collateral Requirements
• Legal Charge, Debenture over company assets
• Cash cover.