FAQs Mortgage Financing

1). Q. Who qualifies for National Homes Mortgage?

Ans. All National Bank customers who meets minimum product specification and qualifying criteria i.e.
Borrowers in the middle to lower income mortgage market
Borrowers who have the affordability to repay a home loan but do not have the deposit required.

The customers should fill in/provide the following items:-

  • Application form
  • Important Information Document
  • Copy of title
  • Sale agreement
  • Income tax pin
  • National ID.

2). What is the maximum loan amount under the National Homes Mortgage financing?

Ans. The amount will not exceed the value of property to be purchased.
Minimum loan amount KES 100,000
Maximum loan amount KES 250,000,000


3). What type of insurances are required for the facility

Ans. Collateral replacement indemnity/Home loan guarantee