Wealth Management

Invest in the Capital Markets

Our Philosophy is Preserving and Growing wealth, Pursuing Peace of Mind

A) Planting seeds for a SECURE FUTURE

Together with your dedicated Portfolio Manager, you shall identify the specific need or project to secure your future. He will assist you to know exactly how much you shall invest now, to satisfy the future need.
B) Prosperity through GROWTH

Following sentences after the image > The Portfolio Manager invests in line with your tailor made needs. Investment opportunities are approved by the Investment Committee after a thorough due diligence by our robust Research team.

C) Helping our clients realise their ASPIRATIONS

Satisfaction is achieved when you are delighted on actualising your dreams.

Wealth Management is an extremely personal matter. We treat it as such.
Before we make any recommendations, we take time to know you, your goals and your concerns. At the same time, you get to know us and the value we bring to you or your organisation. It is our priority to build a meaningful partnership to those who entrust their future to us.
To assure this, we adhere to the following process

Discovery and Planning

We discuss with you to get a holistic view of your financial needs. We assess your tolerance for risk and we work with you to map out your goals. Once we thoroughly understand your situation, we construct an integrated plan to effectively manage your wealth.

Implementation Every financial plan is dynamic and unique. A calculated, comprehensive approach is required for execution. Your Portfolio Manager serves as your conduit to coordinate the advice and activities from the entire team of Professionals at Natbank, to ensure all aspects of your plan work seamlessly. He will ensure the investment is at the strategic asset allocation identified to meet the financial objective.
Monitoring and review Financial markets are dynamic, unpredictable and volatile. Your personal life situation and goals may shift as well. Periodic meetings with you may be needed to review the financial plan. Your Portfolio Manager provides recommendations and adjustments to help maximise your continued success.

Why Natbank?
1. Superior returns
Our robust Research team is further complimented by the Parent Bank’s Research team. At their disposal are internationally recognised research tool- Bloomberg for updates and data analysis.
This ensures that we invest only in instruments that provide high returns in addition to capital preservation, as per client needs and risk appetite.
Your Portfolio Manager will be directly rewarded for achieving a return that is higher than the set benchmarks.
Investments can be invested passively, actively or a hybrid of the two, depending on your needs.
2. Segregated assets
Unlike pooled funds, you will be fully aware of all instruments where your funds have been invested. In pooled funds, you would never be aware if the investor has invested in toxic assets.
Segregated assets do not form part of the assets of the Company
3. Dedicated Portfolio Manager
You shall have your own dedicated Portfolio Manager who shall guide you at any step of the investment journey. Each Portfolio manager is restricted to a maximum of five large clients to ensure high quality client service.
And also
Natbank has a Professional Indemnity cover for Kshs. 50 million per event. We have a world class system called Innova for analysis and transactions maintenance. You are able to view online how your Portfolio is performing. Our Processes, including internal audit, and compliance mirror the strict controls on our Parent Bank from Central Bank of Kenya.

Investment Options
A) Equities
Your funds can be invested in a mix of value and growth stocks listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.
Equities are known to have a higher return but over a longer term of investment.
However they are risky and volatile, thus suitable for longterm investors.
B) Fixed income
Funds can also be invested in assets that guarantee a periodic income. For example, Treasury and Corporate bonds, Treasury bills and commercial papers, Fixed and Call deposits.
These have a relatively lower return than Equities in the long term. However, they are less risky. They are suitable for both short term and long term investors.
C) Balanced fund
This is a mixture of both Equities and Fixed Income securities. The ratios at which these two are mixed shall be agreed upon between you and your Portfolio Manager.


After the candid solution mapping discussion;
 Fill in the application
 Attach the requisite documents
 Transfer funds to the Bank Account indicated in the Application form.
 You will get a notification once the Portfolio has been opened, and instructions on how to access your Portfolio online.