Diaspora Savings Account



Would you like to open a Diaspora Savings Account at National Bank today? The options available to you include:

Ahadi Account

This account allows one to save while earning interest.  The account can be opened in KES, USD, GBP &EUR.

Features and Benefits

  • Restricted withdrawals per quarter that allows limited accessibility and no debit card. The helps to build a saving habit by making the money less available.
  • Online Access through our internet Banking platform.
  • Competitive Interest rates of up to 7%. The more you save the more returns you get. 


Fixed & Call Deposit Accounts

These are contract savings account at a negotiated interest rate and for a specific period of time (fixed deposit) that allow customers to save funds at competitive interest rates.

These accounts can be opened in KES, USD, GBP & EUR.


Talk to us to open a Diaspora Account