Corporate Current Account

Is your organization looking for an account that can handle its money management needs, thus allowing for business to run smoothly? This account will allow you to organize your finances, while giving you access to your money from anywhere through online banking and at any branch countrywide.

Why choose Corporate Current Account

  • <p>Dedicated Relationship Manager</p>
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    Dedicated Relationship Manager


    Enjoy specialized service from a dedicated Relationship manager

  • <p>Customized cheque book</p>

    Customized cheque book

    Get a cheque book customized with you company’s logo

  • <p>Extra financial services</p>

    Extra financial services

    Management of your cash flow and money transfer services are available

  • <p>Branchless banking</p>
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    Branchless banking


    Access your account from any NBK outlet

  • <p>Same day transactions</p>
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    Same day transactions


    Money deposited or transferred into your account will reflect on the same day

  • <p>Standing orders</p>
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    Standing orders


    Account holder can set instructions to the bank to send a specified amount of cash to another account at regular intervals.

  • <p>Online access</p>
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    Online access


    Gain access to your account information online at the comfort of your internet enabled device

  • <p>Statement auto generation</p>
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    Statement auto generation


    Auto generation of statements for the customer to use for their accounting

What is required

  • Duly completed application form
  • Board of Directors resolution to open account
  • Management accounts for the current year and audited accounts for the last financial year

Rates and fees

  • Zero minimum operating balance
  • Zero cash handling charges
  • USD: Buying: 103.95 , Selling: 115.40
  • EURO: Buying: 127.65 , Selling: 142.90
  • Sterling Pound: Buying: 140.85 , Selling: 156.95
  • Canadian Dollar: Buying: 80.48 , Selling: 91.63
  • Australian Dollar: Buying: 79.22 , Selling: 90.80
  • Swiss Franc: Buying: 117.02 , Selling: 130.01
  • Japanese Yen: Buying: 0.9471 , Selling: 1.1092
  • Swedish Kroner: Buying: 10.8615 , Selling: 16.2620
  • Norwegian Kroner: Buying: 11.45 , Selling: 14.905
  • Danish Kroner: Buying: 17.325 , Selling: 19.395
  • Indian Rupee: Buying: 1.449 , Selling: 1.665
  • Tanzanian Shillings: Buying: 0.04261 , Selling: 0.05299
  • Uganda Shillings: Buying: 0.02486 , Selling: 0.035061
  • SA Rand: Buying: 5.5380 , Selling: 9.1805
  • Chinese Yuan: Buying: 15.895 , Selling: 18.710
  • UAE Dirham: Buying: 28.1210 , Selling: 32.2350
Corporate Current Account